City Hall

Water Distribution

Water distribution for the City of Granjeno is handled by the neighboring City of Mission, TX. For more information, please call the City of Mission Public Works department at (956) 580-8660 or visit their website below.

Border Patrol

If you witness any suspicious activity, suspect human trafficking or any other form of illegal activity, please contact the local Border Patrol sector at (956) 217-3809 or (956) 217-3831. For immediate emergencies, please call 911.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement for the City of Granjeno is provided by the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department. For non-emergency situations, please contact the Sheriff's office at (956) 383-8114. For emergencies, please call 911.

City Council

The City of Granjeno City Council meets every second Tuesday of the Month. To listen to previous meeting recordings, please visit our City Meeting page. To contact the City Secretary, visit our contact page or contact us at (956)519-0032.